Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New details on "Super Princess Peach" in Nintendo Power

After being announced nearly a year ago very little has been heard of about this game. Check out IGN's page for some old screenshots and a video. This 2D side scroller for the Nintendo DS is a classic Super Mario Bros. style game featuring Princess Peach Toadstool as the hero. Finally in the October 2005 issue of Nintendo Power we get some news about this game. It will feature over 40 levels. The dual screen will be keep constant track of Peach's mood which is affected by power ups transitioning it over 4 different emotions. No word on how these emotions will actually affect game play. A look at a screenshot included in the magazine shows that there has been a graphics overhaul since the first images seen last year. Most notable are the improved graphics on the emotion window, which is now on the bottom instead of the top, and the main window can be seen to have differences in the health metre, points and stuff.
I am ghetto and have no scanner
The game is slated for an October 20th release date in Japan. No date has been set for a domestic release yet.

Friday, August 26, 2005

$20 Game of the Week: Midway Arcade Treasures

To add on to what's below me, here's another classic arcade compiliation from Midway, makers of the Mortal Kombat Series. Volume 2 is also available, and volume 3 will be out later this fall. This game pack has a lot of classic games from the 70s to the 80s including Joust, Defender, Klax, and paperboy. Xbox owners can post thier scores to the Xbox live leader boards. It also includes old advertisements and promotion material. So, if you are looking for an addition to your xbox collection on the cheap, or just want to show the kiddies what real games were like, pick this, as well as volume 2 up. For more retro fun, pick up Namco museum 50th anniversary comming next wee for all 3 major systems, and watch for upcomming compiliations from Tecmo and Taito later this year.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Super Smash Bros. Melee

N-Philes has a great feature about game Hacks that have been found for SSBM. The most interesting is you can play with any character(The Hand and Sandbag) in the game. Over 60 boards to fight on and 6 player action. Of course you can only use 4 controllers but you can do 4 humans vs. 2 computers. The codes(they require action replay) can be found here for version 1.0 of the game they also have 1.1 and 1.2 available. They also have an interesting feature on Animal Crossing.

Old School Game of the Week

Shit, if Jacknife is going to do a weekly column, then I'll try as well, by reccomending old school games, particularly ones that I think don't get the recognition that they deserve. Tetris Attack for the SNES (puzzle genre) I think this is the greatest puzzle game ever created, even taking Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo into account. Released in Japan as Panel De Pon which featured original characters who were faries (the main character's flower wand was a weapon in Super Smash Bros. Melee), and later released on the Nintendo 64 as Pokemon Puzzle League, it stars characters from the Yoshi's Island game. The game is great on so many levels. Like all good puzzle games, it's easy to learn and hard to master. The way it plays is like this. You have a stack of blocks rising from the bottom. If any part of the stack touches the top, game over. You move the blocks by way of a horizontal cursor that can overlap two blocks and pressing A or B switches their position. Destroy the blocks by lining up three or more of the same color in a horizontal or vertical line. The blocks on top of the three or more that you just matched up will fall in place of the ones you cleared out. Simple, huh? As you get more skilled, you can start to pull off chains. Let's say you match up three red blocks, and under the first red block on the left, there's two greens stacked vertically, and one stacked on top, when the red blocks disappear, the greens will match up when they land, creating a chain. While blocks are breaking up, the stack stops moving, so if you continually make matches, you could clear out a large chunk of the stack while it stalls for the blocks to break apart. The game has serveral different modes which all hold a variety of replay value. Story mode, which pits you against Yoshi's brainwashed pals, Puzzle mode, in which you're given a limited number of moves to break up the blocks they've provided, Endless and the best, which is VS. Now, when you break four or more blocks at once, it's called a combo. When you perform a combo or a chain, it sends a garbage block to the opponent's side. They only way to get rid of this garbage block is to clear out blocks that are touching the garbage block, which turns it into colored blocks. Now, the best part is here. As the garbage block breaks apart, you can anticipate where to place the blocks you have sitting on the stack so that the blocks that come from the garbage block land, the can get multiple chains and combos, sending an even bigger garbage block over to your opponent's side. I find the best way to play is to let your opponent send over a big garbage block, then break it apart and land as many chains and combos as possilbe to send a massive garbage block to the other side. I could go on and on about this awesome game, but I'm not paid for this, so I'll wrap it up by saying you NEED to play this game if you ever liked Tetris Attack. Go to Game Stop or Electronics Boutique. Get a ROM of it. It's so worth it.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Happy 20th Birthday, Mario! September 13th is the big day.

Friday, August 19, 2005

$20 dollar game of the week:outlaw tennis

Hey, it's me screwface, a.k.a jacknife. Zac let me on a while ago, so I figured I'd make my presence known. Anyway, we all love games, but a lot of us have real life and bills to deal with, so each week (or every once in a while) I'm gonna hook up a game that's only $20 or less. It may not be a best seller, but damn if It ain't fun. This week, it's Outlaw Tennis for Xbox. I was a big fan of virtua tennis back in the Dreamcast era, and this game brings in everything I loved about it, and adds in it's own style. Anyone who'd played Outlaw Golf or Outlaw volleyball (also available for PS2) know what to expect; solid sports action, humor, and hot [prerenderd] clevage. Along with classic tennis, you can choose to alter the rulesets and play football, pinball, casino, or even hot potato. Take each character through the tour mode and upgrade thier skills with several minigames, including a tennis version of missle command. Import your own custom soundtracks as well, so you can rock out to your own tunes while serving your opponent with aces. It's even Xbox live compatable, so you can even take your game online. Honorable mention: Katamari Damacy for PS2. Only becuase no one mentioned it in my thread.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Ms. Pac-Man world record broken

921,360 I mean Really...shit like this reminds me of that dude on the intervention show. Well not really but god you've got to be obsessed to do something like this.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

G4 Sucks. Yeah, you and I have known it, but now we have real proof. They're showing reruns of Fastlane, the failed show featuring Bill Bellamy, Kelly from Saved By the Bell, and Guy who might be Dan Cortez from MTV sports. I thought all that drift car shit was enough. Honestly, when G4 bought TechTV I was really optimistic that a happy medium between all games and all tech coverage could be reached. Now G4 is like Spike TV mixed a cartoon from New Grounds. Theres actually LESS game coverage now! G4 is to games what MTV is to music. update: the G4 Forums are already exploding with disapproval. and these are the people that still watch this channel!