Sunday, February 19, 2006

$20 game of the week: Star Wars - Knights of the old republic

I like star wars, but some people can name every alien in the cantina scene, piss and moan over the extra minutes in the special editions, and argue to this day over weather Han or Greedo shot first, and that's just scary. I'm not big on PC style RPGs, but this game is impressive. From the story line (which evolves as you become good or evil) to the cast of characters, this game is probably one of the better Star Wars tie ins. If George Lucas got the people at Bioware to write the script for Episodes 1 - 3, then they would have turned out much better than they did. My only complaint is the Real time - turn based hybrid battle system. It's kinda retarded looking at them swipe each other and hoping that the enemie's HP falls down in time. It would have been so much more cooler to actually control the jedi powers yourself.


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