Saturday, February 25, 2006


In Meteos, a puzzle game from Q Entertainment, you manipulate falling blocks into patterns of 3 of the same color vertically or horizontally in order to clear them from the screen. No! I swear this isn't like Puzzle League! or Dr Mario! or even Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine! Meteos can be played with the D-pad for greater accuracy, but using the stylus to move blocks around is much faster (though you will drag the wrong block from time to time, its quicker to correct that mistake). The real originality of this titles shines through with being about to launch your blocks back up into the air when you've cleared them. They'll take all the blocks on top of them as well, though your planetary gravity will make them fall back down if theres too many. Never fear, just make some more matches and they'll blast away. Action doesn't take long to get fast and furious. Playing the same game for more than a few minutes will mean blocks falling at an almost unmanagable speed! This is where reflexes for making quick color matches comes in handy as you can clear sometimes 30 or 40 blocks at a time with a couple moves. The game keeps count of all the blocks you clear, and you can use those to buy items, planets (each with specific tile sets), and sounds from the game. Multiplayer is also a blast and you can easily slap together a 4 player game off only 1 game card. This is really an ideal title for those of us waiting for Tetris DS to come out or still keeping their DS' GBA slot warm with Wario Ware or some other great pick-up-and-play title. Puzzle games never really die or get old, so even though this one has been out since middle of last year, its still worth picking up if you haven't already. Meteos Trailer


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